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    Black Sesame and Neem Oil

    Black Sesame and Neem Oil


    We provide the traditional uses for these oils but in no way infer or suggest that they can be used to treat any disease or symptoms of any disease.

    Packaging & Storage oils - 500ml or less (Glass bottles)

    As plastic has a detrimental effect on the quality of oils, we pack all our oils in amber glass in 100ml, 500ml or bulk containers.

    In India, storing oil in plastic is widely practised by most manufacturers but we ensure that all our manufacturers place their oils in metal drums, making us an exception and the quality of our oils superior.

    The exception to this is the new Psoria Oil, which comes in plastic and is a new limited-edition item and was pre-packaged in India.

    Packaging & Storage oils - 5L or more (Metal Containers or BPA-free Plastic)

    Occasionally we have a shortage of metal containers, due to increased sales or a lack of customers returning their containers for us to recycle and use again. In these instances, we may need to decant the oil (once received in Australia) into high quality BPA-free plastic containers, just prior to shipping them to you. Our sincerest apologies, we ensure this is temporary until our next shipment arrives from India.

    All oils are available in larger quantities. Please contact us for prices.