Natural Ayurvedic products; Black Sesame Oil, Neti pot, tongue scraper, Nasya oil.

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Bio Veda offers a range of traditional and natural ayurvedic products formulated by ayurvedic physicians from India to maintain balance and wellbeing. 

Ayurvedic oils for self massage (Abhyanga), herbal oil blends for ayurvedic body massage and other ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic beauty and skin care products such as natural soaps, Saffron face oils (based on the popular Kumkumadi oil), face mask, pure essential oils and natural fragances for Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha. Dinacharya essentials as tongue scrappersneti potsoil for oil pullingayurvedic toothpaste  and anu oil for nasya.

Organic herbs and powders as Triphala, Guduchi, Tulsi, Shatavari, Ashwagandha and Sandalwood. Ayurvedic spices mix for your ayurvedic diet and recipes as kitchari. Chyawanprash and other rasayanas or antioxidant herbal jams with Aswanghanda or Brahmi (alongside many other ayurvedic plants and herbs!) and our popular, grounding and calming Yogi Tea.

Buy online Nirdosh in Australia, tobacco and nicotine free herbal cigarettes.​ This traditional herbal smoking blend is based on an ancient classical text on Ayurveda. Basil, Liquorice, Turmenic, Indian Bdellium, Clove, Bishop's Weed, Indian Cinnamon, Tendu Leaves and nothing else.

Image of Ayurvedic daily self care products

Wholesale & Practitioners

BioVeda wholesale accounts are ideal for Ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, yoga studios, retreat spaces and retail stores who plan to sell BioVeda products or intend to use large quantities of BioVeda products in their business.