Maha Narayan Massage Oil

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Maha Narayan is traditionally used for those experiencing muscle fatigue, stiff joints, arthritic conditions and frozen shoulder. This oil can be beneficial for those practicing yoga and sports and for Vata and Kapha constitutions.

Black Sesame oil is combined with the fresh juice of Shatavari and 32 other ingredients to produce our Maha Narayan, a well-known classical formulation.

We believe our Maha Narayan oil to be one of the finest available as it is made (unlike most others) with the juice of the fresh Shatavari tuber.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil combined with Cow milk, Goats milk, Shatavari, Salparni, Spiked ginger lily, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amla, Castor oil plant, Kantakari, Porcupine flower, Calamus root, Dill, Shilajit, Cardamom, Bala (country mallow), Ashwagandha, Rock salt.


All of the above ingredients are regularly tested for pesticides and heavy metals.