Your Ayurveda Store in Australia

Bio Veda was established in 1998 to distribute the finest quality authentic Ayurvedic products in Australia.  The journey of BioVeda began amidst the picturesque hills of Mullumbimbi in 1998.

The founder, had a profound passion for India and Ayurveda and sensed a deep calling to introduce the highest quality Ayurvedic products to the Australian market.

Driven by a commitment to authenticity, the purest Ayurvedic companies in India were found and strong and enduring connections with each supplier were formed.

Soon, sacred shipments of exquisitely scented products embarked on a voyage to reach Mullumbimbi, where the meticulous, meditative process of bottling, labelling, and dispatching unfolded.

Remarkably, this was an era predating social media and Google marketing. BioVeda, thrived solely on the power of word of mouth. As the divine aromas and therapeutic qualities of the products became known, a groundswell emerged. Ayurvedic practitioners, health food stores, and yoga enthusiasts eagerly embraced BioVeda, not only for personal use but also to share with their beloved clients, customers, family and friends.

The organic growth of BioVeda mirrored the genuine connections that were cultivated with suppliers, creating a network woven together by the shared appreciation for the finest Ayurvedic offerings.

BioVeda has now transitioned into new, fresh hands and we are so excited that we can continue to share these beautiful products with you and uphold BioVeda's legacy.

We are brimming with many innovative concepts that will gradually unveil themselves as we adjust as the new owners of BioVeda.

We eagerly anticipate sharing every step of this exciting adventure with you! Your support and patronage mean the world to us.

Much love ~
Cary & David


Organic Certification

Our organic products are certified organic by USDA and/or Control Union Certificates and/or One Cert.

None of our products have been tested on animals.


Oils, 500ml or less : Glass bottles.

As plastic has a detrimental effect on the quality of oils, we pack all our oils in amber glass in 100ml, 500ml or bulk containers.

In India, storing oil in plastic is widely practised by most manufacturers but we ensure that all our manufacturers place their oils in metal drums, making us an exception and the quality of our oils superior.

Oils 5L or more: Metal Containers. 

Quality and Manufacturing Standards

All our oils are produced in Kerala by a company owned and run by a traditional Vaidya family (Kerala Brahmans and doctors) who are renowned for producing products of a superior quality, that utilise modern manufacturing technology, whilst upholding traditional Ayurvedic therapeutic values and undergoing strict quality control procedures to ensure excellent hygiene and purity. 

Wholesale and Practitioners

We offer discounts for clinics, practitioners and retailers, please submit our wholesale registration form here. We are happy to talk without any obligation for you to purchase our products.