Gum & Mouth Oil - Oil Pulling

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Best oil for oil pulling: Bio Veda's new Gum & Mouth Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic formula, known as Arimedhas Thailam, which has been used for centuries to support oral health.  

Formulated in the traditional manner, this nourishing blend contains herbs such as Babul, Bodhi tree, Banyan and Himalayan Cedar, infused in Cold Pressed Black Sesame oil.

This oil can be used for the practice of oil pulling, traditionally known as kavala or gandusha, which when practised daily can help nourish, strengthen and protect gums and mouth.

Simply place 5-10ml into the mouth, gargle and swish around for 10-20 minutes and then spit out. Take care not to swallow any oil. This can be done before or after brushing your teeth, depending on your preference. 

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil, Babul tree, Banyan tree, Bodhi tree, Liquorice, Cardamom, Cinnamon bark, Manjistha, Cutch tree, Lodh tree, Beechwood, Nutgrass, Camphor laurel tree, Nutmeg, Star anise, Red ochre, Sacred lotus, Dill, Long pepper, Saffron, Lac, Eggplant, Bael fruit, Shilajit, Chir pine, Forest flame tree, Turmeric, Black oil plant, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amla, Kantakari (wild eggplant) 


All the above ingredients are regularly tested for pesticides and heavy metals.