Brahmi / Bacopa- Certified Organic Herb Powder

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Brahmi is traditionally esteemed in Ayurveda for its cooling properties and for its ability to balance the three doshas, enhance memory and promote mental clarity.

As traditionally prescribed, we recommend consuming it as powder, instead of capsules, pills, or tablets.

Serving suggestion: Add 1/2 to 1 tsp to warm water, herbal teas, soups or smoothies and enjoy at your discretion.

For more information, contact your Ayurvedic health consultant.

Ingredients: 100% pure certified organic Bacopi Monnieri

Available in 100g and 500g sizes.

brahmi oil ayurveda

Try our Brahmi Ayurvedic Scalp and Hair oil which contains fresh juices of the herb. 

Apply on your scalp and gently massage.

Good for those who practice meditation or those who perform mental activity.





We share the traditional applications of these herbs for educational purposes only. Please seek expert medical advice for information pertaining to your personal needs and diagnosis/treatment of illness and disease.