Vata Massage Oil

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Formulated by Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Gopinath of Kerala, India, on the basis of classical texts and years of clinical experience.

Our ayurvedic oil for Vata dosha combines cold-pressed Black Sesame Oil with Vata pacifying ayurvedic herbs in a traditional formula, with the addition of fragrant essential oils specific for Vata. Essential oils have been added to enhance effectiveness and aid in balancing Vata Dosha.

It is suitable for the practice of daily self-massage (abhyanga) and general massage. We recommend taking a warm shower 20-30 minutes after application to allow absorption of the oils. Do not remove the oils with soap when showering.

A penetrating formula that will help to relieve stiffness and tightness in the body. Beneficial for those practising yoga and sports.

Ayurvedic oils in general pacify vata imbalances. 

Vata pacifying medicated oils also include Bala Ashwagandha, BalaDhavantari, and Maha Narayan for more localised muscular oil.

Available in multiple sizes.

Ingredients: Cold-pressed Black Sesame Oil, Country mallow (bala), Horsegram, Arabian cotton, Drumstick tree, Dill and Long pepper. 

Essential oils: Geranium, Kasturimanjal, Ylang Ylang and Calamus.