Chandanadi Massage Oil

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Chandanadi Massage Oil is a classical formulation traditionally used to balance Pitta conditions or heat-related issues that can typically occur during the summer months when excess heat builds up in the body.

Highly cooling and very soothing, Chandanadi is said to be beneficial in relieving burning sensations, redness, heat rashes and skin irritation. A base of Black Sesame oil with the addition of fragrant Screw Pine, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Cobra's Saffron, all herbs which are said in Ayurveda to be cooling to the skin.

Beautifully textured, it absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it conditioned and deeply moisturised with a pleasant subtle fragrance.

Use as a massage oil treatment or for daily self-massage practice (30 minutes before showering).

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil, Cow milk, Fragrant screw pine , Liquorice root, Ashwagandha, Vetiver, Cinnamon bark, Turmeric, Bala (Country mallow), Black vetiver, Cobra's saffron, Angelica, Manjistha, Indian sarsaparilla, Dill, Chaste tree, Nutgrass, Cinnamon bark.