Ksheerabala Massage Oil

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Ksheerabala oil is similar to Bala Oil (same ingredients, different proportions) but more cooling. Traditionally used for soothing and balancing purposes and where there is excess heat build up in the body, such as rheumatic conditions.

We recommend a warm shower 20-30 minutes after massage allowing absorption of the oil. It is advised not remove the oil with soap.

Our Ksheerabala oil is made exactly in accordance with Ayurvedic tradition in Kerala, South India. Combining the herbs in the oil is a time consuming process that requires great skill.

Suitable for all body types (tridoshic).

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil, Bala (Country Mallow), Ksheeram (Cows Milk).

All the above ingredients are regularly tested for pesticides and heavy metals.