Massage Oil Sample Pack - x7 50ml Bottles

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Experience all of our beautiful Ayurvedic massage oil blends by purchasing one of our sample packs. These packs are also an ideal gift for practitioners hosting retreats and workshops. By trying our different oils, you will gain confidence in selecting the most suitable ones for your individual clients.

Our sample packs include 7 different oils, each in a 50ml bottle, so you'll receive one bottle of each variety.

If you are a practitioner interested in ordering bulk quantities of sample oils, please contact us at for additional discounts.

Sample Pack Includes:

Maha Narayan 50ml

Bala Ashwagandha 50ml 

Dhanvantri 50ml 

Bala 50ml 

Ksheerabala 50ml 

Pinda 50ml

Karapooradi 50ml 

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