Yogi Oil

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Yogi Oil is an exotic blend of pure essential oils, formulated exclusively for Bio Veda.

The fragrance created by the 100% natural essential oil mix has resulted in this becoming a bestseller and one of our personal all time favourite products. In addition to its beautiful scent, it's also a very versatile oil. We recommend using it diluted on the body, in the bath or in an oil burner. Use in your home or yoga studio to clear, purify and scent the air or apply a drop to the wrists for instant fragrance. Add 3 drops to your laundry liquid to leave your washed clothes delicately scented.

This formula contains the same blend of pure essential oils that gives our very popular Yogi soap its unique fragrance. Our supplier custom makes Yogi Oil for Bio Veda to our strict quality standards using only the finest ingredients.


Ingredients: Tulsi, Palmarosa, Orange, Vetiver, Suganga Mantri, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Geranium and Galangal.

Note: Essential Oils can vary in purity and quality. We ensure all our products are to the highest standard and all Bio Veda’s oils are transported and stored in dark brown glass bottles to avoid contamination from plastic or spoilage.